1. Catherine says:

    Nine years gone down the road and the emptiness still remains!! Your gap none of us can fill. Your departure was the hardest most painful blow we have had to deal with.We greatly miss you but know you are happy with our father. We cherish the fun moments we had while you were with us.We surely miss your laughter. You taught us many things mum; resilience, hard work and respect for one another. We are thankful that you were our mum.If we could go back in time ,we would spend the years we had together telling you how much WE LOVE YOU. The smile you always had and your faith in our Lord encourages us daily as much as we miss you.

    we are encouraged to keep serving the Lord with all my heart as you were a good role model to us in this area .No one can heal that pain but only the lord Jesus. Mummy we will live to remember you forever. You will forever be remembered for who you were and for what you did. You were a blessing to us and you will forever be a blessing. You taught us all you could and raised us how you thought best. You might not be around anymore but in our hearts you are a candle always burning. The advice and support you gave us no other could and for that we thank you. We are better, stronger and wiser because of you. Every day you strived to motivate us and kept us smiling with your great sense of humour. Your laughter is to be remembered always. Every moment we shared with you is a moment to be cherished. We will all strive to continue making you proud and hope you are smiling from where you are. As a family we lost a mother, mentor, grandmother and a hero who taught us courage, hard work, humility, love and contentment.

    Gone but never forgotten. May the Lord continue resting you in eternal peace.

  2. Julie Mugo says:

    Pharis Mugo Gathitu
    Whoever said that it gets easier with time lied… I still feel the same way I did on September 2014.. we all do, I guess. You left way too soon. I’d give anything to have those long late night talks with you and break bread one more time. Or see you leave every morning to work knowing we’ll see you again…

    I can’t emphasize how badly you’re missed in our homes and hearts. Some people are just too irreplaceable and it goes without saying for you.

    Save a table for us in heaven, okay? Mom, Shiru, Martin and I love you eternally and we promise to do you proud. In the mean time, life goes on. We still see you star and we’re seeing you shine.

    Lots of Love
    Julie Mugo

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